Monday, April 19, 2010

Sun Sui Wah you're talking about =S

The main reason we went to Sun Sui Wah =) Dessert.

This is a dessert that you cannot rush to eat. To best taste the flavor, you must savor each bite =) I don't know the official name of this dessert, but it's basically a crepe folded into a pillow. Inside is dense whipped cream and the most flavorful mango. mmmm. We personally call them, Little Pillows of Heaven =)
Oh, and let's not forget the warm, flakey egg tarts below.

Dim sum is one of my usual cravings. On this Friday holiday, dim sum is usually a nice and busy time. However, considering we were craving a specific dessert, that is what lead us to Sun Sui Wah on Main Street. I took us a long while to find parking. It was busy! When we finally found parking, there was a large crown waiting to be seated, however, thanks to the idea of calling about 20minutes prior to make reservations, we were seated rather quickly.

We ordered:
Har Gaw(shrimp dumplings) + deep fried spicy squid
Sticky rice
Pork Sui Mai
Sun Sui Wah is a little more on the expensive scale of dim sum, but you can taste the quality difference. If you decide to go, just make sure to make a reservation.

Sun Sui Wah on Urbanspoon
3888 Main Street, Vancouver
B.C. V5V 3N9
Ph: 604.872.8822
Toll Free: 1.866.872.8822
Fx: 604.876.1638

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