Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So Tasty, so good

Let's talk about Indian food. I have to say, I think it's one of the many forgotten foods that are delicious! I guess, you can say it doesn't sit well with everyone, but if it does, it can cause your taste buds to overflow with great flavor!
So, a couple weeks ago, a friend and I found ourselves in hunger mode at a wedding, and couldn't wait the 6hrs scheduled from the ceremony to the reception. We found ourselves at this almost hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant, however, quite modern and clean inside, called Tasty Sweets Restaurant in Surrey.

My friend Jessica, who's a frequent customer of this restaurant gets the "usual" which I followed as well. The lunch special, which came with Butter chicken or Goat curry(we got the butter chicken), the daily vegetable dish, tandori chicken, rice and a dessert(which was some sort of rice pudding with almonds and cinnamon) and is served with a basket of naan(bread) all for $9.95 or you can order vegetarian for $8.95.

For this price, I must say it was definately worth it, and the flavors were authentic as well. I've been to many indian restaurants, and I've had the good and the bad. This right how, has to be sitting on the good charts.

To say the least, we were full and happy.

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  1. If we ever travelled to surrey and actually stayed around long enough to eat I would want to try this place after seeing that indian food special!!!