Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That's so Kashi

This past weekend, I've been introduced by a friend of mine, to what is now my current simple, healthy breakfast food. What is photo above you ask? It's something so simple, and great....Great in a simple way. Kashi granola cereal, and a cup of fruit yogurt. Delicious.
Just grab a cup of the Kashi granola cereal, mix it with yogurt and voila! If you don't want it too crunchy, let it sit for a minute, and there you go.
A box of Kashi cereal can run at different prices depending on where you decided to buy it. Most expensive is at Capers and Choices Market( can run up to $7/box), but you're probably better off at Save-on or Superstore. However, we lucked out, and went to Target in Bellingham and found the boxes there for $3.99(still cheaper with the exchange rate)
Healthy and satisfying to your appetite and a great start to the day....not to mention a good afternoon snack as well =) Thanks Gen!


  1. NO PROBLEM!!! i love kashi!! we need to take another trip to TARGET... i miss those kashi cookies. mmmmm, w/ nutella on top.

  2. hey... soo i just bought a cereal lovers pack of kashi that is 1kg. 2 bags in the box at costco... cost me 7.99(or 6.99, i forget) you'd think it's not that bad considering that at superstore it's 3.99(i think) per regular size box... however!! a regular size box is only 425g. w/ the 1kg box from costco ur paying a penny more or a dollar less... for an extra 150g of cereal... am i a nerd or what???