Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A couple weeks ago, it was brought up to eat lunch @ the good ol' White Spot, and hey, why not all of us get the Pirate Pack. Brilliant idea. The White Spot Pirate Pack is limited to children 11yrs old and under, but that's the beauty of take out. You pick it up and take it back to work to eat.
Years ago, I used to do the whole drive-in thing with my mom and have a classic mushroom burger. These days, my taste buds aren't familiar with their monty mushroom burger anymore. It tastes different. However, with the Legendary burger that comes with the Pirate Pack, minus the mushrooms, definitely brings me back to the early 90's drool factoring classic burger.
So lesson of the story, if you're looking to reminisce over a timeless classic,save $5(monty mushroom burger $10.49 vS. Pirate Pack $5.99), and have a plenty-full stomach, order the Pirate Pack. Plus, with the Pirate Pack you get a regular size burger, a smaller fries, a small drink, a ice cream, a gold coin and a decorative boat =p all for $5.99

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  1. hahahahahahaha!!!!!! i want one! today! yummy!! can you buy me one? it's saves you 5 bucks!