Friday, May 28, 2010

Healthy Times, Healthy Measures

My lifestyle, and in this day and age, I have decided that it's time to change some of my eating habits. I have vowed to choose healthier options, with the weekly deliciously "bad" days.

An early saturday morning had brought me to iHop. Maybe not the best place to launch my new profound decision; but what better way to start, than full on.

I contemplated getting the most healthy item on the menu, which happened to be a simple fruit bowl. I love fruits, and don't get me wrong, but spending $10 on a small fruit bowl sat a little uneasy with me.

I decided to opt for the next best thing. Blueberry Harvest Grain 'N Nut combo. Two pancakes made with grain, oat and nuts. Topped with sliced bananas, served with scrambled egg whites.

This was a great option, I do have to admit. I love the texture and content of the oat and nuts. I walked away guilt-free, and had just enough syrup to satisfy my sweet craving. Not to mention, because of the grains, I felt nice and full, and I thought it was money well spent(I think it was around $10).

All in all, even at iHop, there is still the lesser of evils, so take a chance. You'll be surpised what will tickle your healthy tastebuds .

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